Design and Development Co-ordinator

Personal Background Information

Design and Development Co-ordinator

Dan Clulow, Design and Development Co-ordinator,  The adi Group


  • I think D&T is an important subject.
  • A job in design allows you to combine both creative and technical skills.
  • I would recommend studying both science and arts-based subjects at school and university as a basis for pursuing this kind of career.
  • Gaining work experience in different areas of design is helpful.



I manage and co-ordinate the design and development process, mainly for offices and laboratories, from pre-construction to post completion.

I spend most of my time in the office but also visit sites, on occasions, as required.

Key Activities:

  • Construction drawings – completed initially as hand-drawings and developed fully on computer.


  • Design presentations, meeting with clients before and during the project.

Personal skills

It is important to be creative and imaginative, have attention to detail, work to deadlines  and be able to solve problems.


My favourite subjects at school were art, maths and science.  I also enjoyed sport.

I took ‘A’ levels in Art, DT and General Studies .

I had considered becoming  an architect, but decided that studying for over 7 years to gain full qualifications  was too long for me!


I took a degree in architectural design and gained work experience as an architectural assistant whilst at university.

My first job was as a design engineer, working on different design projects.

I joined ADI, in 2011,  as design and development co-ordinator.