Technical Director

Personal Background Information

Technical Director

David Cole, Technical Director,  The adi Group


  • D&T is important subject, allowing theoretical ideas to become real innovation.
  • D&T needs to create the right stage for students to explore new ideas and understand why some work and others don’t.
  • All technology begins with a thought or idea which, when expresses as a design, may lead to creating a new product or whole industry.
  • The environment is the world’s biggest opportunity for technology. Our business makes a positive difference to the environment and offers highly skilled employment.



I am responsible for the design of pollution containment systems for industry.

I work with a range of people from the factory floor to directors of businesses.

My job involves travel all over the U.K., from Aberdeen to London. 

Key Activities:

  • Working with clients.
  • Developing designs for a turnkey solution i.e. which can be readily applied in the client’s business.


  • Overseeing the work of my team.
  • Presenting talks to professional trade organisations. 

Personal skills

It is important to be interested in change, enjoy a challenge and be innovative, whilst working with minimal supervision.  Talking to people gets better results than relying on email!


I enjoyed school but found academic study hard. I was competitive and active and competed in cycling events at national level.

I took a range of GCSEs  including sciences, art, maths, English and history.

I was not sure what I wanted to do when I  left school but took up a craft apprenticeship with Ford motor company


At Ford, I learned about engineering design and manufacture, and trained in a supervisory role.

Focussing on maintenance of production plant led me to develop and patent a valve preventing pollution through spillage into drains.  The valve has been widely used in industry and also by the Environment Agency.  I was also  author of  “Making  Pollution Prevention Pay”.

In 2012  I joined ADI as a technical director.