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Undergraduate Apprentice (1)

Peter Webster,   Undergraduate Apprentice,  Airbus


  • D&T helps develop your knowledge of engineering and technology whilst also nurturing creativity.
  • Some form of work experience is very valuable. It helps you gain further employment, but more importantly, it tells you if you like the job or not!
  • Be creative, and don’t be afraid to voice your opinion and try ideas out – it’s the best way to learn.
  • If you have a dream job, or even just an idea of what you’d like, then research it. You will know someone, who knows someone, who does that job. Contact them and find out what it’s like, and how they got there.



As an undergraduate apprentice I spend most of my time in the workplace, though typically one day per week is spent at university. 

Over the course of 3 years I will complete placements in various areas of the business, from Design & Stress to Manufacturing Engineering.

Most of the day is spent in an office, though I regularly visit production areas to see issues. 

Key Activities:

  • Communicating with other people from a range of departments and functions.
  • Designing and introducing new tooling and procedures to fix a problem or increase efficiency.


  • Writing technical reports, such as stress reports.
  • Using  CAD software to design aircraft parts and tools.

Personal skills

Strong communication skills, ability to prioritise tasks and manage workload, and good problem solving skills are all essential.



I studied the Scottish equivalent of A levels in Maths, Physics, English, Computing Studies and Music. I enjoyed Maths and Physics, and I’ve always had a love of aircraft; it seemed a degree in Aeronautical Engineering would be the obvious choice. However, I also have a love for music which led me to pursue a career in music.


After graduating from university with a Music degree I worked for 7 years as a musician. I travelled a lot and fulfilled some lifelong ambitions, but the aerospace bug would never leave me!  I wanted to study engineering, but also needed relevant work experience, so this apprenticeship was the perfect mix.