Undergraduate Apprentice

Personal Background Information

Undergraduate Apprentice (2)

Rebekah Van Weerdenburg,  Undergraduate Apprentice,  Airbus


  • I think D&T is an important subject.
  • You can use creative skills along with technical skills.
  • This provides the basic understanding of how industry works, which is key if your ambition is to work in an industrial role.



I visit various areas of the business and provide my input and knowledge to these areas as well as learning various different aspects of Airbus.

I am currently studying for a foundation degree in Aeronautical Engineering whilst working with Airbus.

Key Activities:

  • Analysis work of tooling used in Single Aisle stage (flowline production).
  • Analysis of non-conformances produced when creating the wing in Single Aisle and determining the root cause for these.


Personal skills

It is important to have pride in your work and have an interest and ideas of areas to improve the business. 



My favourite subjects in school were: Maths, Science, Sport and History.

I did A-Levels in: Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics. I considered University and studying a degree in Physics but ultimately wanted a job in engineering.


I chose the Undergraduate apprenticeship rather than other apprenticeships as I wanted a degree qualification, and gain the experience of working in industry. Also I prefer the improvements and support roles as opposed to constructing the aircraft.