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Personal Background Information

Undergraduate Apprentice (3)

Andrew Bancroft,   Undergraduate Apprentice,  Airbus


  • The skills D&T provides are adaptable and invaluable for many careers.
  • D&T, Maths and Physics are subjects that many employers require and make you very employable. 
  • Taking time to learn new skills enables you to tackle challenges in the workplace and find solutions.
  • Many industries are at the cutting edge of technology and getting involved is interesting and rewarding.  
  • Obtaining work experience shows that you can take initiative, are self- motivated and gives you a great taste of work in an industry you are interested in.  
  • Experience as an apprentice gives you skills many university students do not get and allows you to study and obtain a degree at the same time. 



During my apprenticeship I am spending up to 6 months in a variety of office based roles within difference departments in Airbus, these departments range from programme planning to manufacturing engineering, design and enablement teams. 

Presently as a member of an enablement team I am working on a project which applies lean manufacturing principles.  I will soon be working in a design department where I will be working with CAD software and stress analysis.

Key Activities:

  • Application of Lean Manufacturing Principles in order to increase efficiency. 
  • Designing aircraft parts and tooling using CAD software and applying stress analysis to these parts.


  • Finding solutions to manufacturing issues such as broken tooling and responding quickly to ensure production is not affected

Personal skills

Adaptability is required to find solutions to a variety of issues combined with strong team working skills in order to work effectively with colleagues. 


In school my favourite subjects were Maths and Physics. 

At sixth form I took A levels in Maths, Physics, Geography and Economics having enjoyed Geography and Business Studies at GCSE. 

I considered attending university to complete an Aero Engineering degree however decided an apprenticeship was for me


I found the combination of challenges and knowledge that engineering requires, along with my love of aviation, a great reason to pursue a career in Aeronautical Engineering 

Having joined Airbus in 2013 I am now completing my bachelor’s degree and gaining valuable experience in the aerospace industry.