Foundry Sales Executive

Personal Background Information

Foundry Sales Executive

Tom Bruce, Foundry Sales Executive, Alucast


  • D&T presents exciting opportunities.  It has a broad application as all products we use have been designed and manufactured by someone.
  • A foundry apprenticeship offers further education funded by your employer, whilst gaining invaluable experience in work. 
  • At Alucast the job involves working  with engineers who are developing cutting edge products, e.g. the 2012 Olympic Torch.
  • The future may see a growth in using aluminium as it is a true “green” material: 75% of the UK aluminium is recycled.



The sales executive role is about attracting new projects/business, and working with existing customers.   It’s vital to know and understand how your own business works.

The role provides a mixture of office-based activities, liaising with all departments from shop floor up to board level, and frequent off-site visits to customers across the U.K.

Key Activities:

  • Developing existing customer accounts to increase turnover spend and product profiles
  • Searching for/attracting new business


  • Project management – converting orders to samples / final product
  • Providing a commercial overview for product costing and sales

Personal skills

In a sales role, you require good personal contact skills and the resilience to bounce back from disappointments.  Working alone also requires a level of self-motivation and problem-solving skills.



I enjoyed school, particularly sport, and most of my early life was spent playing football or cricket as often as possible.

I wasn’t keen on maths, science or English but liked technical drawing and woodwork.  I always wanted to be a draughtsman and when I left school, I went straight into being an apprentice.



My apprenticeship enabled me to become a fully trained design draughtsman in the foundry industry, designing tooling for steel moulds to produce aluminium castings. 

Along the way, it’s opened up other opportunities with ongoing job training, which has led me to become a process estimator, sales manager and sales director within the foundry industry.