Foundry Supervisor

Personal Background Information

Foundry Supervisor

Wayne Cooper , Foundry Supervisor, Alucast


  • I think that young people need, and will enjoy, gaining D& T skills.
  • It is important to gain hands-on experience and understand how practical skills are applied in U.K. industry.
  • My work gives a real sense of achievement when I see things I’ve made used in a finished product.
  •  Being able to solve problems is very rewarding.



I am responsible for the day-to-day running of the pressure foundry.

I spend 75% of my time on the shop-floor, making sure that operators are following specifications and working safely.  I check tools and machines are running effectively and sort out any breakdowns that occur. 

Key Activities:

  • Problem-solving
  • Observation and team management


  • Quality control
  • Talking to customers, tool-makers and suppliers

Personal skills

It is important to have good time-management and problem-solving skills and to be able to communicate well with people, using diplomacy when needed.



I enjoyed being with a group of friends but didn’t follow the crowd.   My hobbies were mountain-biking, motorbike mechanics and music.

I enjoyed both science and Design and Realisation which were amongst the 5 subjects I took for GCSE.

I left school to become  a motorbike mechanic with a day-release course at college to learn mechanics and engineering.


When searching for a full-time job, I gained some factory experience by working through an employment agency, leading into an opportunity in the die casting industry.  I worked as a foundry charge hand and fully automatic pressure die caster, using robots and automated systems.