Project Manager

Personal Background Information

Project Manager

Neil Curl, Project Manager,  Alucast


  • It is vital for young people to study D&T. Without this, the British engineering and manufacturing industry will be lost.
  • Project work is not boring or stagnant.  Each day may be different and  fast-paced;  a customer call or email can change things in an instant.
  • I have found that making mistakes and learning from them and not being afraid to make decisions, has been important in work.
  • If you work hard, show initiative and have determination,  the work will be very rewarding.



My role, as project manager, is to ensure a smooth transition, from the customer’s order  being taken, to final hand-over for production of the item.

The job involves both shop floor and office work, which I love.

Key Activities:

  • Ensuring the product will meet the specification provided
  • Ensuring we have a process that fits the part


  • Making sure we have the capacity to fulfil customer demand


Personal skills

It is helpful to be outgoing and to be able to give clear instructions as this is vital for successful production.



I always enjoyed school,  particularly the social side.  I liked PE and played football outside school, learning about teamwork from an early age. 

In D&T, we covered electronics, woodwork, photography and 2D drawing but my favourite topic was metalwork.

I went from school straight into an apprenticeship.


I started work as a moulding/core-making apprentice, becoming a full-time moulder after 3 years.

I achieved NVQ Level 3 in engineering and foundry practice and progressed to sand foundry supervisor where I gained management skills and learned more about technical production.

I moved on to become a project engineer and am now project manager.