Principal Electronics Design Engineer

Personal Background Information

Principal Electronics Design Engineer

Dave Collingwood, Principal Electronics Design Engineer,  Renishaw


  • D&T is a valuable subject.  It’s practical and relevant, leading to an understanding of  how things work.
  • Product development is challenging and interesting and you get to produce something new.
  • You learn about new and existing technologies and how to fix things!
  • It’s a good profession with opportunities to transfer your skills.
  • I enjoy working with a team and bouncing ideas off each other.
  • It’s helpful to have science and maths qualifications and you will need to consider English too for writing reports .



My role is in research and development to conceive and design new measurement products for the machine tool industry.  I also have a remit to encourage a new generation of engineers into the profession.

My time is split between office, for research and paperwork, and the lab where theories and designs are tested and developed.

Key Activities:

  • Study our customers’ problems with measuring processes
  • Design and test prototype products and systems and develop for handover to the production team
  • Research and identify applicable technology solutions
  • Support the graduate engineer programme; run “Technology Teardowns” for our graduates  and local  schools and colleges

Personal skills

For research and development, you need to have curiosity and an innovative approach with a “can-do” attitude. You have to take risks, solve problems and be ready to accept possible failure.



I didn’t really enjoy school and was more ‘geeky’ than the main crowd but was quite outgoing. 

My favourite subjects were the sciences and I had hobbies involving electronics, pyrotechnics and car mechanics.

 I took GCSEs and went on to do a OND in Radio and Line Transmission


I started work in a test department but went on to do electronic development work to map the location of underground services which led to a year of North Sea experience with a remotely operated Mini Submersible.

 I joined Renishaw about 30 years ago, since when I’ve greatly expanded my expertise in electronics and general engineering, especially opto-electronics.