Technical Fellow

Personal Background Information

Technical Fellow

Jon Fuge , Technical Fellow, Renishaw


  • D&T gives you skills which can lead to a great career.
  • When playing computer games we’re often presented with a set of problems which are solved by both dexterity and brainpower.  These are the same skills you require to be an engineer!
  • I find the real-life challenges, in work, are very satisfying to solve; it’s more rewarding than the computer games I’ve played and I get paid for it!
  • It’s great to be involved in new technology which  is  so fast-paced now.  Today I might not be able to resolve a problem, but tomorrow a new solution may be available.



My job involves designing next generation measurement systems to help meet the increasing requirements for precision and reduced manufacturing time by our customers.

My work is office-based, working with my team of engineers.  I occasionally visit customers and attend one or two design shows each year.

Key Activities:

  • Researching new technologies to find solutions to customers’ needs
  • Prototyping systems to prove new technology and try new solutions
  • Creating electronic schematic and PCB design with design reviews
  • Computer programming to test my designs

Personal skills

It helps to be self-motivated and work both alone and with a team.  It’s good to observe how things are done but have a questioning and analytical approach, to challenge why, and use your own innovation for fixing problems.



As a child, I continually dismantled toys (sometimes beyond repair!) but enjoyed constructive toys too and was hooked on building new things from an early age.

I was often bored in school,  but was interested in electronics and wanted to be an electronics engineer.

 I did some D&T, including electronics in my earlier years at secondary school but not at GCSE. 


I left school with A-levels in physics, maths and computer science and went into work as a PCB (printed circuit board) assembler.

I’ve worked up from the bottom in the industry, as a test engineer, design engineer, principal engineer and am now a technical fellow. 

Along the route, I took an engineering degree.