Principal Design Engineer

Personal Background Information

Principal Design Engineer

Chris Corbett, Principal Design Engineer, Thomas Dudley Ltd


  • D&T is a valuable subject for young people as it promotes creativity and innovation and encourages people to use their imagination.
  • I would recommend a job in design as it’s interesting, challenging, exciting and rewarding.
  • I like my job because I get to perform a wide range of creative tasks from sketching, problem solving and 3D CAD to model making and testing and each project provides a different set of challenges so the job never gets boring.
  • I would advise someone wanting a career in design to, enjoy what you do and use your imagination, don’t limit yourself to what’s already been done!



My main job role is to design products from concept designs through to production. The job is mainly office based, designing with 3D CAD but I do also get to perform some hands-on practical tasks and liaise with suppliers both on and off-site. I work both individually and as part of a team which is invaluable to get the best possible designs.

Key Activities

  • Designing, generating ideas and problem-solving
  • 3D and 2D CAD using Solidworks software, photo-realistic rendering using Keyshot and prototyping mainly using a 3D printer.
  • Working with suppliers, tool makers and shop floor production to ensure products are fit for purpose.

Personal Skills

The personal skills you need are problem-solving, being creative, teamwork and perseverance.



At school I enjoyed technology and P.E .  Key GCSE subjects were science, particularly physics, and maths. Outside of school I enjoyed sports and TV!



From school I got a job as a trainee draughtsman with Thomas Dudley Ltd where I have worked ever since! I went to college on day release where I gained a BTEC National Diploma in Engineering and a HNC in Computer Aided Engineering. Over the next few years I was promoted to design engineer and then to my current role as Principal Design Engineer.