Alucast Business Case Study

Alucast Business Case Study

Alucast partnered ACE Academy, West Midlands a part of the initial pilot programme launched in October 2013 and completed in May 2014.

“We at Alucast want to invest in the skills of young people to ensure we feed the talent pipeline for our future and the future of the local community.”- Tony Sartorius, Managing Director, Alucast, SGP Pilot

ACE Academy teachers’ skills development focused on manufacturing in quantity, quality control procedures and iterative design process.  Four employee coaches from Alucast, supported the school in developing a project, delivered to Y9 pupils, to design and cast a candle-holder with placemats as a table centerpiece, using aluminium and other metals in school. The project also aimed to develop students’ skills in problem-solving, independent enquiry and self-management which the business identified as important when recruiting new employees.


Business coaches reported:

  • learning new skills in both coaching and working with young people
  • increased understanding of how D&T is taught in schools
  • developing connection with the local school

 “Really enjoyed working with the pupils  and especially their visit to the factory”

Lead teacher reported:

  • high level of knowledge and skill in the key focus areas through delivering the project
  • increased skills in creative lesson planning linked to curriculum & business needs; giving careers advice 
  • benefits  including developing new skills and renewed enthusiasm  to create new projects

 “It was good to develop a relationship  with business and they were very  supportive - brilliant.”


Pupils’ surveys showed:

  • 75% found project interesting
  • 80% have used new skills
  • 80% enjoyed working with business
  • 80% enjoy studying D&T

 “I have really enjoyed this topic.”


Note: 4 business coaches supported the project; 20 pupils responded to surveys.